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Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Lemon, 24.5 oz Quote

Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Lemon, 24.5 oz

Lavender has been well documented for its ability to help our body and minds relax. In today's hectic world its hard to get enough of this great stuff. Park Smart Heavy-Duty Hardwood Floors

Price: $39.19 $37.99 USD / SQFT

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Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Lemon, 24.5 oz Reviews

Before we got our ne

Before we got our new flooring upsitars, I was just fed up with the old carpeting and I pulled it up and we walked on plywood like yours all summer. It sure made us appreciate the new flooring when we finally put it down. Our downstairs is hardwood and I LOVE it! You will love yours too, when you get it installed. It is so easy to take care of. Sorry about your leak, but it was a great way to get new flooring!!! Love & blessings from NC! by Thobani posted on Thursday, November 19, 2015
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